Jackson-Dundee Box Another Draw; Norfolk is Winner

Westbrook Pegler

Oregon Daily Journal/December 31, 1921

NEW YORK. Dec 31. Those famous friendly enemies, Johnny Dundee, who comes not from Scotland, and Willie Jackson, chauffeur of the largest nose in pugilism, went through the eleventh “how de do” at Madison Square Garden Friday night, 15 rounds to another draw decision.

Jackson had Dundee drinking stiff libations of right-hand punches in the last round, causing Johnny to wobble for the boys in a realistic imitation of New Year’s Eve.

Dundee came through with the long experience with Jackson, however, covering up securely to stay the round.

Jackson weighed 134-1/2 and Dundee 128-1/4.

Dundee said he broke his starboard paddle in the second round, which may be true, as he did little work with it.

Kid Norfolk, holder of the Rickard belt, symbolic of the negro heavyweight championship, outpointed the Jamaica Kid, another pork-chop addict in the eighth round semi-final. It wasn’t much of a fight.

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