There’s No Doubt About the Vote of the Canucks

Westbrook Pegler

Calgary Herald/December 14, 1917

Conscription in Canada will win in a walk if the sentiment of Canadians among the American military now “over there” can be regarded as a barometer. Simon-pure Americans in the expeditionary force rooted out all their Canadian pals today and cheered them as they entered the polling booths to vote on the question. Out in front of one polling place a red-haired New Yorker, formerly a Tammany Hall soap-box orator, pulled an impromptu election speech from the tailboard of a supply wagon. “What will happen if conscription loses in Canada?” he demanded. “Why, the Canadian corps will melt from the line like snow before an Indian summer sun. Am I right?”

“Of course you’re right,” came the yell from the line.

“You’re doggone right I’m right,” replied the orator.

“And what will the kaiser say if conscription loses? Why, he would smile and say, ‘Hindy, old boy, we have licked Canada.’ Am I right?”

“Of course you’re right,” was the reply.

“What will happen if you boys vote conscription? Why, this time next year we’ll be jumping around the kaiser’s throne-room in Berlin and the kaiser will be asking the New York street commissioners for a job pushing a broom. Am I right?”

Again the shout came back, “Of course you’re right.”

“You’re doggone right I’m right,” yelled the New Yorker in conclusion, and the crowd melted away to polling booths.

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