On Broadway

Walter Winchell

Rochester Evening Journal/November 10, 1930

Princess Murat, only seventeen, and Harry Glynn, sassiety’s favorite youknowwhat, are uh-huhing it . . . The Carroll Wainrights, of the Gould tribe, have curdled . . .  Germaine (“Ladies All”) Giroux shelved Rudy’s Villa Vallee Satdee, threatening to demand a “public apology” for an undressing room scene there . . . Mrs. J. Harriman, whose decree is due soon, is courting already with a twenty-one-year-old attorney . . . The George Palmer Putnam-Amelia Earhart welding was listed for Satdee, but what happened? . . . Giff Pinchol, the Republican, is posted at the Yale Club for dues . . . The William Jefferies Chewnings (Margo Couzens, who eloped against her pappy’s wishes, and is he still sore!!!) are blessed-evening . . . Mrs. J. Frankford Harper will judge-tell her marriage static, and name her sister!

George Walsh’s pals have offered the necessary coin to release him from the Yellimony hoosegow, but the bitter squaw is making believe she is deaf . . . Mrs. Lofty Louie, who never altar’d it since his electrocution, is prettier . . . Nanette Kutner, one of N Wayburn’s gangsters, City-Hall’d it Wenzdee . . . Those Hindus imported by C. Reed and Elisabeth Marbury are stranded here, 10,000 miles from hum . . . Sinclair Lewis, a giggle-water expert, remained obnoxiously sober during the furious celebration of his winning the $46,000 Nobel Litree Prize . . . It’s a boy over at the Daniel Finns . . . Anna May Wong will never marry a white man, she says . . . The Robert MacRaes (Myrtle White) are multiplying . . . Burns Mantel’s “Best Plays of ’29-’30 (which lists the Pulitzer Prize plays for the first time) is simply swelegant, even if proofmen neglected to include “Street Scene.

Capt. Alton N. Parker of Byrd’s crew has been awarded a distinguished flying cross “for his flight over unexplored regions of the Antarctic” . . . Balchen, who actually did most of the work, and who flew the ship over the Pole, can’t even become a citizen! . . . O. Mr. Ripley! – Mr. Seale is the director of the aquarium in San Francisco, Cal. . . . Julius Bache’s niece, the widow, Mrs. E. Bayer, will become Countess Sala . . . Time, our favorite newsmag, describes Prexy J. A. Farrell of U. S. Steel as “stocky, little,” when he really weighs 200 and stands 6 foot . .  Add pediculous lyrics: “If I could be with you I’d love you strong” . . . Omygahd! . . . Add Belly-Laffs: An official of the Theater League (which is opposed to gyp speculators) wanted a good seat for a football game Satdee and purchased it at a stiff premium from an outlaw broker!

Glenda (“On the Spot”) Farrell’s honey is J. Mitchel of Mitchel & Durant, the noted acrobaticomics . . . The very, oh so very proper Childs’ has snubbed the long skirt vogue, the waitresses wearing theirs away up to here . . . Page 221 of “A Women With White Eyes” is about E. M.. sassiety’s only femme clown . . . The ’31 Ford will be zactly like the ’30 . . . Chevrolet’s latest is on the avenues quietly . . . It resembles a Cord . . . Col. Green, who inherited Hetty’s millions, has a penthouse atop the Sherry-Netherlands, which stands him $27,000 annually, but which he occupies one month a year . . . He uses it chiefly to store the world’s greatest collection of stamps . . . Newest definition of a Broadway columnist: The skin you love to touch—with a branding iron.

Recommended to diversion seekers: The record christened “Corky Stomp” as toyed with by Andy Kirk and his crew . . . Lina Basquette at the Club Richman . . . I. Goldberg’s “Tin Pan Alley” (John Day) . . . The ditty, “After All, You’re All I’m After” . . . La Etting’s version of “I’m Yours” . . . Ada (“Brown Buddies”) Brown, the next guestar on the Wise Shoe-Winchell WABC bill Chewsday at 7:30 P. M. . . .  And then thank me . . . The Sunday eve performances at the Palace . . . The Sabbath midnights at the Chateau-Madrid because of Joe Lewis . . . “Best-Seller” (Bobbs-Merrill) . . . Niven Busch Jr’s “Twenty-one Americans” . . . Buddy and Vilma Ebsen at the Paramount Hotel, and the Lennox Club in Harlem near 143d, but not until 6 or 7 a.m.

The handsomest sweetheart La Guinan ever had is in the 53rd Street jailhouse, the result of a high-stake Park Avenue card game . . . “Jojah” Payne, one of the better lookers at the Abbey, has her first diamond bracelet . . . Another incogni to British nobleman is disregarding appointments with the Morrows, Lindys and other high mucky-mucks to take Club Abbey pretties to tea . . . Almost the entire staff of one local rag are applying here and there for jobs because the report is more persistent than ever that Things Will Fold Suddenly . . . Mrs. Harry Reichenbach is bringing suit against Ray E. Goetz, sponsor of “The New Yorkers,” show . . . Why Herald-Tribune copy readers go mad: Cal Coolidge must be Mr. Coolidge in the headlines, while M. A. Coolidge, the senator-elect from Mass., is merely Coolidge.

If you have $2,500 or $6,500 you can cruise around the world next month on a palatial yacht which features a stop-over at Bvrd’s Antarctic camp . . . The ailing Chicago mayor pays $1 each for cigars which he chews and doesn’t smoke . . . A constructive critic, one presumes, is one who gives a good notice to “The Well of Romance” . . .  George C. MacKinnon of Boston points out that a Broadway columnist is a bright boy who opens the mail and picks out the best Austin gags . . . You can only buy women’s wearing apparel at the Schulte-United Store in Ottawa  . . . Another Warner’s explosion is due this week . . . John Gilbert’s latest pictcher, “The Way of a Sailor,” was booked into the Capitol Theater a fortnight ago and upon release was cancelled.

Mitchell Fields, 1930 winner of the Widener Sculpture Medal (the highest sculp prize), keeps the thing in a box with old razor blades, . . . The Standard Oil and Shell are plotting a marriage, to be capitalized at nineteen billion, taking in almost every oil group in the industry, and probably will get the OK of Uncle Sam under the guise of “oil conservation” . . . A Pittsburgh cabaret which features a wheel, etc., clipped Ben Bernie for 6 Gs, George Bancroft for 11, Harpo Marx for 18, and Ted Lewis for 22 . . . J. Q. R., says if you would distinguish a good show from a so-so one—Sex marks the spot . . . I. Strauss sums it up this way: In Hollywood you find the yes-man, in Chicago the yeggman and on B’way the yeth-man.

The Bob and Muriel Johnson divorce action plot is thickening . . . She is also suing Adele Ryan, of the Thomas Fortune Ryan tribe, you know . . . The Ryan familia has secretly engaged a high-voltage lawyer to “check up” on Mrs. Johnson so that the result will prevent a divorcee and Bob Johnson from ankling up an altar with Adele . . . One of the Broadway lads says he got a break for the first time in his life . . . He is second in the bread line . . . The president of a motor meter outfit (who just reconciled with his wife) has stranded her-again and is Mexico bound with her sister! . . . Another suit that should land on the Page Ones will be Flourney (“Blackbirds”) Miller’s action (of the once renowned team of Miller & Lyles) . . . He is suing for heavy damages, charging idea piracy against Famous ’n’ Andy!!!

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