Views of One

Ambrose Bierce

San Francisco Examiner/July 6, 1905

MR. ROCKEFELLER appears to have the right to plead the statutes of heredity—his father is said to be worse than he. But maybe the old man does not profess religion.

No, there is a limit; we refuse to believe that Colonel Roosevelt “compelled” the Czar to name a day for the plenipotentiaries to meet. The lone conqueror of Spain is firm, but not unfeeling.

California gentlemen charged with enforcement of the Chinese exclusion law are forbidden to scalp, skin, disembowel or otherwise annoy the Mongolian stranger at our gate with a ticket of admittance. In the judgment of the Administration these harsh measures are bad for that thing of faith and hope, “our trade with China.” It is thought that our disesteem of Chinamen can be sufficiently attested upon the persons and property of those already here.

The harshness of the Cossacks toward the people of Poland is believed to be most distressing to General Sherman Bell of Colorado. And it is wrong for other reasons.

No doubt Russia’s explanations with regard to each British ship that she sinks are entirely clear, but it may sometime occur to Great Britain to ask her to explain the necessity for so many explanations.

One would hardly have thought of “graft” in connection with the industry of providing yellow dogs with good homes and giving religious consolation to green turtles on their way to the headsman’s block, but the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is accusing its officers of shameless equitability. Shade of Henry Bergh! (if he is dead) has it come to this?

Says Uncle Sam: “This war must cease—

behold the olive branch of peace!

If from the stem the leaves you twitch

Prepare your backs; It is a switch.”

The name of the gentleman designated to prosecute the suits against the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad for giving rebates is Purdy. Better make a note of it; it is not likely to come up again in a long time.

Washington, July 4th.

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