Curley Expects $50,000 Gate for Danno – Wolf Bout

Damon Runyon

Reading Times/July 6, 1935

NEW YORK, July 5. The good M. Jacques Armand Curley, wrestling entrepreneur, is all a-flutter because it looks as if Danno O’Mahoney, the new wrestling champion, is going to get the lads and lassies out in goodly numbers for M. Jacques’ show at the Polo Ground Monday night.

Danno O’Mahoney, as you may recall, is the son of the oul’ sod who tossed the mighty Jeems Londos on one of his well curled ears in Boston last week, an incident that was a veritable toupee-raiser for the wrestling world.

It came at a moment when the good M. Jacques Armand Curley had our city well plastered with proclamations about Jeems and Chief Little Wolf, the terrific Ingine from the tourist camps of the wide open spaces. By the time we got downtown, however, M. Jacques Armand Curley had penciled in the name of Danno O’Mahoney as a substitute for Jeems. M. Jacques is nothing if not a quick thinker.

He anticipates a gate of upwards of $50,000 for the affair Monday night.

Danno O’Mahoney, who specializes in a hold called “the Irish whip,” is declared by experts to be quite a wrestler, as well as a great showman. Mr Jacques Armand Curley, who could not deceive us for the world, says the victory of the Irishman over Londos was merely the old, old, old tale of youth and ambition against a tired veteran.

Londos says he is quitting the game. He is accounted a millionaire. He may not be the greatest wrestler that ever lived, but certainly he has been one of the greatest showmen.

Chief Little Wolf comes to our town with blankets, war feathers, tomahawks, and all the other paraphernalia of the noble redskin, and also with an excellent knowledge of the English tongue. Indeed, Chief Little Wolf, whose right name is Ben Tenario, was educated at Haskell.

The Chief had been uttering war whoops at Londos for a long time before Jeems came his cropper, but it did not take him long to readjust his sights and take aim at Danno O’Mahoney.

The good M. Jacques Armand Curley is going to display another Dartmouth grappler Monday night in Hank Barber, a Jewish young man from Cambridge. Dartmouth College is practically the mother of wrestlers, for it was from that institution that we had Gus Sonnenberg, whose billy-goat plunge was long our greatest wrestling thrill.

Gus won the world title from Ed “Strangler” Lewis in Boston in 1928. Barber graduated from Sonnenberg’s old college in 1932. Like Sonnenberg, Barber played tackle on the Dartmouth football team.

Also Hank was a first baseman for three years, a track man, a water polo player, and a basketball player. He made the all-American college nine of 1932, and the same year was the eastern intercollegiate batting champion.

After leaving college, Barber tried his hand at pro baseball. He tried out with the Boston Braves, and was farmed out to Lowell, of the Northeastern league, the old New England league of bygone years.

He was recalled to the Braves in the spring of 1933, but Paul Bowser, the New England wrestling promotor, showed Barber where he was wasting his time fooling with baseball.

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