Government is Enemy of People

Westbrook Pegler

El Paso Herald-Post/October 3, 1960

NEW YORK. – The Wall Street Journal says, “Few Americans, we suppose, would, disagree with this- statement: ‘The U. S. Government is not the enemy of the people.’” That triple-jointed negative almost hides its own meaning, but in simple Americanese, the Journal means to argue that the U.S. Government is not the enemy of the people. That proposition is a mistake, which I will now refute.

In the first place, however, be it understood that “the Government” is not the country, but the country’s political management. It consists of a gang of politicians who, by the time they have achieved power in Washington, have lost their natural respect for the rights of people as human beings and their own sense of honor as individuals.

The bureaucracy, in descending scale, is an auxiliary of the management. Owing its living and its powers to the management, this monstrous mass obeys the management’s evil design against the people.

This truth is seen in terrifying clarity whenever an unfortunate citizen overspeaks himself against the management or the President and may find himself harried by the Internal-Revenue Bureau. He is a citizen alone, but the management has literally thousands of fly-cops, accountants, cowed and servile informants hidden in the counting rooms of banks, and swarms of lawyers to throw into action against him. The Government does not worry. It sleeps well.

But the victim must hire his own lawyers and accountants, and pay for court records, at as much as $4 a page. He is ruined, His earnings stop and his assets are seized by order of the Government’s own courts. So the Government destroys its critics and the warning is plain to all others.

Very brief association with the management in Washington creates within the politician a second self, sordid and utterly dishonest, which lives by a code of rules and morals repulsive to his normal, personal self.

Thus we find even Senator Barry Goldwater, an amazingly decent man in his private life, at friendly ease with Jack Kennedy even though he has accused Kennedy of complicity in conduct which ought to forbid even the bleak civility of a soundless movement of the lips in a Capitol elevator. Goldwater ought to despise Kennedy. But this immoral condition permits members of the management as such to commit flagrancies without inner shame or public embarrassment.

I am confident that this will be put down as vitriolic, scurrilous, insensate temper, but I have developed a serene contempt for the servile, irresistible hankering for royalty which always unnerves Americans in the -presence of a President.

This was worst in the case of Roosevelt II, but three Presidents who have reigned since I came of age have thrown my country into wars which were none of our business and in each case Congress, as. part. of the managerial apparatus, gave overwhelming consent. But the people certainly were unwilling because they resorted to a maze of excuses to escape the draft.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry Morgenthau were conspicuously indispensable to the home front in the First War, but nobody was more ferocious in hounding appeasers into the ranks in the Second.

The Government is an immoral institution, for it commits outrages which would be criminal if they were done by individuals.

The repudiation of gold by Franklin D. Roosevelt was a colossal swindle which, on appropriate scale, would have been statutory fraud if done by you.

Social Security is another, in which the people are forced to buy annuities of uncertain value on the seller’s terms and subject to constant upward revision of the price.

The members of a whole nation are guilty of the crimes of the general management, as Eleanor Roosevelt said of the German people when she wanted to punish them for Hitler’s misconduct.

By the same process, Walter Reuther’s subjects are personally guilty of the crimes of the UAW, for the UAW is Government imposed on 300,000 Faceless Men. Thus also the national U. S. management is Imposed on a baby who is born today.

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